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8.28 Ottobar Upstairs
Kevin Morby (of Woods)
Steve Gunn (of The Violators)
Little Rib


9.4 Ottobar Upstairs

9.18 Windup Space
Gooch Palms

10.3& 10.4 Ottobar
U+Nfest 3 Details coming soon!

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HOLLYWOOD gets a killer write up in MRR… Repress of the split out soon on Big Neck Records!

click for their facebook page

HOLLYWOOD gets a killer write up in MRR… Repress of the split out soon on Big Neck Records!

click for their facebook page

Hollywood/ Mean Jeans Split Review from Terminal Boredom

V/A Hollywood/Mean Jeans “Mark?” split 7”
Hollywood are one of America’s underappreciated treasures of junk-rock. When I first heard them I was ready to anoint them the heirs to the heavy-garage throne vacated by The Mistreaters, and since then they’ve added some some nice cock-n-balls swagger to their schtick and have become a little thicker and slicker. “I Prefer Drugs” maintains the deadbeat attitude of past hits but the band plays this one in a nearly hooky rawk-n-roll style…sounds a little more Man’s Ruin than Big Neck, but hey, evolution and all. As long as they keep it sleazy, I’m ok with it. So, this one was released as a tour single for these two to sell on their recent jaunt, and I was just informed that Mean Jeans have an ex-Hollywooder in their midst. I’m pretty sure there’s only two of them, so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. The Mean Jeans have been riding the crest of the pop-punk-wave lately, with records on Dirtnap, ridiculous eBay auction sales of their first 7” (what the fuck ever happened to the Rehab Records guy anyway?) and some higher-profile hype/shows/whathaveya. Their track is par for the course, which is wacky pop-punk with “funny” spelling and shit…I’m gonna stop now B4 I get N2deep. Scum stats: 500 copies, and kudos to Bart for stepping up the graphic design at Big Neck HQ.(RK)
( Big Neck Records // www.bigneckrecords.com)

Playing Sun. the 11th at Golden West!


By Kristen Berry

Pop music with bite? Pop music with balls? Pop music infused with melodies so sweet, an energy so damn infectious, and a Rickenbacker to boot? Sign me up, please! Blown away by the invigorating style of newer Aussie bands like Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Golden…

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